Ran Mullins By Ran Mullins • January 18, 2018

How to Reach Healthcare Executives with Content Marketing

healthcareThe world of B2B healthcare content marketing is rife with challenges. Every type of campaign seeks to target the right audience. When your consumer is in the healthcare community, it adds an extra layer of difficulty.

Consider this: Use of SEO keywords have long been integral to the success of any content marketing campaign. In the health industry, though, it becomes slightly more difficult to develop a keyword strategy. There are thousands of sites with pages and pages of information. Many of those sites are aimed at an audience of patients or people outside the industry.

That's not to say that your B2B healthcare content marketing strategy doesn't use keywords — it will. But your keyword examination needs to be finely tailored to the healthcare executives who make up your customer persona.

Unique Strategies to Reach Your Healthcare Executive Audience

Healthcare executives have a limited amount of time. When you're reaching out to bring them into your sales funnel, it's important that your message is on target. They have a pain point and your product or service can eliminate it.

With any marketing endeavor, you want to offer your audience value. You're giving them something of worth and building trust. The more that they trust your insights, the more intrigued they are by your product.

Here are a few content marketing strategies that work in the B2B healthcare field:

  • Whitepapers. Your customer persona is often busy and interested largely in the clinical results or factual information around the success of using your product or service. Whitepapers offer an ideal content marketing strategy because they are written in an educational way. The style and format is straightforward with impeccable research and provable statistics. The art form to these offerings is that whitepapers lead with the statistics surrounding issues that the audience faces and introduces the ways that the product or service delivers measurable results in solving those problems. The sales aspect of this type of marketing is subtle. Your audience gleans useful knowledge from the offering, which builds further trust in your company.
  • Articles in industry publications. Industry publications need a vast amount of content on the exact facet of the healthcare industry you're catering to through your service. This is an ideal channel to create a conversation between your brand and your customer. Your business can develop a schedule of topics or hire an agency to supply high quality content with a byline and link back to your website.
  • Product pages. Product pages are an important aspect of communicating with your consumer. The audience might arrive via links in other sales material or through a direct search for your product (or products like yours). Content should be concise and offer a call to action to direct the customer further down your sales funnel.
  • Guest posts with leading influencers. Guest posts on blogs maintained by industry influencers is an excellent way to supercharge your message. Influencers are looking for good content and they have a platform which will allow your message and brand to reach a large audience in a short span of time. Guest posting can help you build content on your own content marketing channels. It can also help spur specific campaigns.
  • Free eBooks/value-packed giveaway. Value packed giveaways are an excellent way to gain customer attention before the conversion. If you have a newsletter or blog, you can offer a free eBook or something of value to your audience. In return, they need to furnish their email address. This brings them further into your sales funnel and helps to further the conversation between your companies.

In B2B healthcare content marketing, it's important to show the return on every investment. This means writing content that highlights measured results. Healthcare executives make decisions on expenditures when they're certain that investment will be worth it.  Rbookend2.jpg