Ran Mullins By Ran Mullins • September 14, 2017

How Often Do Successful Content Marketers Communicate with Agencies?

agency_communication_no-words.jpgHuman beings are social animals. Science shows that along with air, water, food, clothing and shelter, social connection is among the basic needs of people. The famous life coach Anthony Robbins developed a theory that humans require six other human needs: certainty, variety, significance, love and connection, growth, and contribution. In order to fulfill these needs, a person develops several relationships throughout their life and seeks to participate in endeavors that will make them happy.

In order to achieve success, your content marketing program should strive to implement the same basic needs that it takes to form a complete human being.

Your strategy and your team need personal connection and a sense of importance. In order for your organization to ensure a happy, healthy content marketing approach, you need to develop a meaningful relationship with your strategy.

Any successful relationship thrives on communication. Fostering a healthy relationship depends on time spent connecting from person to person and meaningful dialogue. Most important, however, is the frequency with which you interact.

The facts don’t lie. According to the Content Marketing Institute, successful content marketers communicate frequently with their agencies. While only 44 percent of B2B marketers meet daily or weekly — either in person or virtually — to discuss the progress of their content marketing program, 61 percent of the most successful marketers meet daily or weekly.

The consistency in which you engage in content marketing communication matters. While it depends on the nature of your campaign, it may not be necessary to meet with your team or agency every day. Only 8 percent of B2B marketers meet daily to discuss their content marketing program.

If there isn’t a pressing need to communicate with your team, the time it takes to meet could be allocated towards executing your strategy instead. A weekly approach (which 36 percent of marketers employ) could be the right amount of time needed to insure that everything is being executed properly and on time.

The consistency of your content marketing communication has an effect on how your team views your meetings, as well. While 54 percent of marketers say that team meetings are valuable in helping their organization be more effective at content marketing, B2B marketers who meet daily or weekly are more likely to consider meetings valuable (70 percent) than those who meet bi-weekly or monthly (49 percent). Therefore, there’s a correlation between the emphasis you put on the frequency of your content marketing communication and the importance that your team perceives it to have.   

An informed team is an efficient team. Frequent meetings are key to your content marketing success. Your content marketing program, like the rest of your organization, needs to be treated as important and valuable. The amount of attention you give your program will help keep your goals in line and allow your team or agency to develop. An agency with the ability to accurately interpret your organization's message and goals can go a long way to ease this process. Rbookend2.jpg

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